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XBOX One Specials

HDMI port replacements:XBOX one $120.00

XBOX One S :$140.00


Playstation four specials


PS4 Laser in stock now:

only $121.75+GST labour included.


PS4 new and improved HDMI ports in stock Now:

we replace damaged HDMI port on your PS4,remove dust from inside ,replace poor quality cooling paste with High quality American made “Artic Silver5” cooling paste.all these from only $80.00 GST included

PS:My turn around is usually 3 working days but I can do same day service for an extra $20.00.

We use an intelligent and fully computerized state of the art BGA machine to fix PS3 and XBOX

YLOD and RROD fault is a dry joint on solder balls on Graphics Processing unit (GPU) my intelligent BGA machine heats up solder balls up to 217 degree (un leaded solder melting point)  (figure A) at this point machine applies slight force to the BGA chip (Figure C) then the cooling system automatically cools down .

PS: PS3’s YLOD and RROD on XBOX 360’s faults are due to the nature of unleaded solder and there is no permanent fix for it, however we will offer a 90 days return based on warranty of these faults, if you have not attempted to fix the item before.